If you need to delay the delivery of your interstate, intrastate, or local shipment temporarily, you can take advantage of Durango Transfer's and Atlas' Storage-in-Transit (S.I.T.) service, or our Local Storage. Ask us at the time of your survey for an estimated cost of storage and about the different options available to you.

When you request that your shipment be placed in S.I.T., the benefits of moving with Durango Transfer and Atlas are extended to storage. S.I.T. offers you transit storage for up to 180 days - ample time for locating or taking possession of your new home, or converting your storage to our local rates. Your goods can be stored either at the origin or the destination warehouse. Talk to your Durango Transfer representative about your storage needs. With a thorough understanding of what storage will be needed, we can assess all available options and recommend the best one to suit your needs.

How it Works

When delivered to the warehouse, S.I.T. and conventional storage shipments are placed in storage containers. These containers are secured to protect your goods from loss or damage. Household items stay packed in their original moving cartons, while upholstered furniture is stored on specially designed racks and protected from dust and dirt with stretch wrap.

Both the driver delivering your shipment into storage and the receiving storage agent check to ensure that every item on the Household Goods Inventory form (reviewed and signed by you after the shipment is loaded) is fully accounted for. You are assured that everything packed and loaded at your residence will be delivered from the warehouse to your new home.

Access to Storage-in-Transit and Local Storage is limited. An hourly charge is assessed to break out storage and to put it back. If you anticipate needing some items out early, let your representative know at the time of the survey. Arrangements can be made to make them more accessible, saving you the trouble and expense of breaking out the entire shipment to locate a few items.

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